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Truck Mounted Crane Inspections

Statistics show that a significant number of construction injuries and fatalities are crane related. Crane accidents account for hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to equipment and property each year.  

If you own or operate a truck mounted crane, Premier Aerial & Fleet Inspections offers comprehensive inspection services to meet current OSHA / ANSI / ASME or MSHA Standards. We are a Veteran owned Business, providing Truck Mounted Crane Safety Inspections throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  

Our crane inspections consist of visual, operational, non-destructive examinations on suspect areas (magnetic particle and ultra-sound) and load testing in accordance with applicable OSHA and ANSI/ASME Standards and Mfg. specifications.

After a unit is inspected you will receive a report, meeting OSHA 1926.550, 1910.179 and ANSI B30.5, B30.2, B30.10 or A92.2 requirements and Certificate of Inspection Sticker will be affixed to the unit.

Inspections on your equipment can be performed at your location or in our shop, with times convenient to the availability of your equipment. While in our shop, we can perform necessary repairs, after the inspection, to bring your unit into compliance.

To schedule your truck mounted crane inspection, contact us at (517) 552-6075. Our 24/7 HOTLINE is here to serve you!


Our On-Site Crane Inspection Services:

  • Reduces unnecessary downtime of your equipment
  • Reduces unnecessary labor costs for your drivers to transport units to/from repair shops
  • Gives you greater flexibility in scheduling
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing your inspections are thoroughly taken care of

Photo of the Owner, Jeff Lawrence